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Understanding Communities


About This Course

In Microlearning Course 1, “Understanding the community and Co-design”, you will learn all about what a community is, you will explore different examples of communities and how you can empower community people. We will also get through the definition and levels of co-design, the engagement with the community, the tools, the challenges and benefits of codesign and the contribution of new technologie


LESSON 1: Learners will be introduced to the notions of community and co-design and will be able to demonstrate greater interest for getting involved into more diverse social groups to exchange ideas and concepts on the perspectives for their art projects.

LESSON 2: Learners will be able to define the main characteristics of co-design including its benefits and challenges. They will engage with communities to initiate personalised projects, and understand the specific tools and new technologies in co-design.


  • KNOWLEDGE: Basic knowledge of community and co-design including their influences in community and daily life.
  • SKILLS: Ability to discuss and explain essential concepts of co-design and demonstrate their applicability using specific levels, tools, and technologies.
  • SOCIAL COMPETENCES: Be able to monitor support processes based on fundamental concepts and levels of co-design as a powerful ‘’integration community method’’


No previous knowledge is required

Course Staff

Christos Lazaridis

Christos Lazaridis holds a Master’s degree in Contemporary Journalism from the Hellenic Open University of Patras and a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Mass Media sciences from the University of Athens. He has also studied Social and Political sciences during his bachelor years at the University of Gent for a semester. He has worked as a journalist and for the last five years he is working on the migration field, mainly as a Communication Strategist, working with the Greek Forum of Refugees, an association of refugee and migrant communities based on Athens and the Art and Action Network, an association of education experts who promote the art as a tool for social inclusion of vulnerable communities. Christos Lazaridis is a member of the core team at the Art and Action Network, supporting the implementation of the “Art is Us” project.

Angeliki Stamataki

Angeliki Stamataki is a graduate student of the French Language and Literature Department of the University of Athens, and has also studied Photography and Digital Marketing. She has worked as a content creator and social media manager. She is currently working at the Hellenic Wheelchair Basketball Federation. She is also the photographer and social media manager of the Art and Action Network. She is a member of the core team at the Art and Action Network, supporting the implementation of the “Art is Us” project.

George Kekeris

George Kekeris is a Graduate of the Department of Political Science and History from the Panteion University and its Pedagogical Department of Primary Education University of the Aegean. He is a holder of a diploma of the Postgraduate Program "Theory, Practice and Evaluation of Educational Work", of the Department of Philosophy, Of Pedagogy and Psychology of EKPA, with a direction of Environmental Education for Sustainability. He is an active student of the Inter - Institutional - Trans of the Departmental Postgraduate Program "Specialization in ICT and Special Education "of the Department of Philology of the Democritus University of Thrace and Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications Democritus. He is currently actively collaborating with the Experimental Pedagogy Laboratory of the ETPA and he is a member of the Art and Action Network, supporting the implementation of the “Art is Us” project.

Pandora Kartsonaki

Pandora Kartsonaki holds an Integrated Master Degree in Visual Arts from the Athens School of Fine Arts and she has graduated from the 1st Studio of Sculpture. She currently continues her studies at the course “Technology of Ceramics”, led by the professor Menandros Papadopoulos. She has also studied under the Erasmus+ at the University of Barcelona for a semester. She has experience as an art educator in Secondary School, High School and Second Chance School in Women's Detention Center. She has implemented art workshops working with refugee and migrant women under European programs and she has worked voluntarily as an art educator with a wide range of diverse social groups. Pandora Kartsonaki is a visual artist who is interested in sculpture, painting, ceramics and installations. She is also working as an art educator with pre - school, primary and secondary school children and she is an active member of the Art and Action Network, supporting the implementation of the “Art is Us” project.

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