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Networking and Partnership Building


About This Course

In the 2nd microlearning course “Networking and Partnership Building” you will learn how to establish relations where there are none, recreate broken ones, and build partnerships that are based on equality, equity and solidarity. We’ll explain the challenges associated with building inclusive social networks; you will learn about the reach and potential of the variety of your roles, as well as how to use them to be most successful in innovating one community. Offered case studies will provide you with the taste of challenges that might await you as well as some of the practical tools to use.


LESSON 1: Learners will develop an awareness of the challenges associated with building inclusive social networks. They will understand how to create relations where there are none, instigate the ones that are “sleeping” but existing, and build partnerships based on equality, equity, and respect for the values of the community being beneficial for fulfilling the community's needs.

LESSON 2: Learners will be better equipped and trained to create and understand boundaries, and their role(s) by carefully distinguishing the needs of the community and setting them in accordance. They will be capable of comprehending the reach and potential of their roles and use them to build positioning that will be most effective and successful in improving and innovating one community.


KNOWLEDGE: Extended knowledge of the definition of networking and building a partnership in an effective way considering the influences of role vs position

SKILLS: Able to demonstrate openness and transparency, and illustrate the longevity of the own activities

COMPETENCES:  Able to maintain and evolve the engagement with/in the own action(s) and assimilate community politics


No previous knowledge is required

Course Staff

Metod Blejec

Metod Blejec is a multidisciplinary practitioner in art, design, photography and education and is working on experimental and engaging process-based projects. His contribution to the Art Is Us Course 2 sourced from years of participatory, collaborative and process-based projects. He is based in Ljubljana, Slovenia and works internationally.

Una Rebić

Una Rebić is a multidisciplinary art practitioner. Moving between individual and collaborative projects, Una works in Croatia and Slovenia, as well as internationally. Her experience with community art and participatory art projects enabled her to contribute to the Art Is Us Course 2.

Nikoleta Markovic

Nikoleta Markovic has been working as an art educator and researcher, with a background in contemporary art, community art and participatory art practices. To the project Art is Us, she has contributed with collaborative content creation for the Course 2 and external consultancy.

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