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Budgeting and fundraising


About This Course

In the 3rd microlearning course “Budgeting and Fundraising” you will learn some basic concepts and tools to manage the economic and financial side of a project and how to create a budget from scratch. We’ll explain how to develop a suitable strategy to find funds to realise a project; you will learn about the world of "donors" and different types of donations and how to get in touch with them. Through examples and case studies you will get practical tools to use in your work.


LESSON 1: Learners will better understand basic financial concepts, economic tools and programmes needed for good project management and will be equipped with information on how to prepare a successful budget considering the existing resources.

LESSON 2: Learners will understand the concept of crowdfunding. They will become familiar with a set of concepts to frame the fundraising activities including the principles behind raising funds, and different types of fundraising for getting in touch with possible donors.


KNOWLEDGE: Greater understanding of crowdfunding, budgeting, and fundraising terminology

SKILLS: Ability to adapt learning to different budgeting and fundraising models which suit different contexts and engage with possible donors by setting

COMPETENCES: Ability to plan and implement a fundraising campaign, map successful relationships with companies and donors, and prioritise costs needed


No previous knowledge is required

Course Staff

Laura Bove

Laura Bove, Co-Founder of Melting Pro, after graduating in Preservation of Cultural Heritage and studying cultural project management, deepened her knowledge of the cultural system by managing and participating in numerous national and European projects. She is an expert in the facilitation of storytelling workshops and works actively in initiatives involving the use of creative and artistic methods for the enhancement and empowerment of individuals, communities and territories.

Federica Pesce

Federica Pesce Co-Founder of Melting Pro, PhD in Design, Arts and Technology, has a Degree in Philosophy and a Master's in Artificial Intelligence. She designs and coordinates national and international cultural projects related to informal lifelong learning and heritage development. Her present challenge is to transform information into knowledge relying on digital storytelling techniques and social design practices. She is also responsible for the administrative reporting and budgeting of all Eu funded projects.

Athena D’Orazio

Athena D'Orazio, with a university background in Social Sciences, and various work experiences in the third sector, is taking her first steps in European planning and the sector of non-formal education and European youth mobility. She is involved in the sector of territorial activism and collaborates with various realities promoting environmental sustainability and the diffusion of environmental and social-ecological awareness in the territory. Collaborates with Melting Pro in various projects working with local communities and young people.

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